the scrapsisters
410 highland avenue
boulder, colorado  80302
303 641 3243

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Scrapsisters creations ... constructed from 100% reclaimed scraps. Using recycled silver, broken strands from Grans treasure box, years of castoffs in dirty garages and best of all ... the things our mate in London finds in the parks outside Buckingham Palace with his metal detector, bringing new meaning to FOUND.  View our collections in the links below and contact us for pricing and to arrange a private showing.  Shopping from this site is available by visiting our link to "the shop."

Little Scrappers is our line of jewelry and home decor designed for kids, both big and small. Created by the scrap sisters, these pieces are created from 100% scrap building materials ... We partner with zero waste companies such as Colorado Plastics and have had a thirteen year crush on the guys at ReSource Yard, our heros and inspiration!  Our passion is to bring mainstream style, fun and artistic practicality to the reclaimed building materials movement.